It often happens that a user of GearBox Moped 50cc with Minarelli AM6 engine acquires by mistake of understanding an MVT PREM21 / DD21 ignition intended for MBK / YAMAHA vehicles from 2004 with electric start (DT, DTR, XLIMIT … ) instead of the MVT PREM12 / DD12 ignition intended for all AM6 engines with the exception of MBK / YAMAHA from 2004.

The buyer then finds himself with the problem of having an assembly diagram incorporating a diagram with a brown wire to be connected after the contactor on the 12v circuit. This diagram needs to be powered by the battery circuit.

There is then a quick and inexpensive solution to transform the MVT PREM21 / DD21 ignition with an assembly without battery power by purchasing a DAL7 diagram for a Premium PREM12 analog ignition or an RJ34 / 61 diagram for Digital Direct DD12 ignition. The assembly is then done by grounding the Black / White wire with a circuit breaker switch. In this case, use assembly instructions for PREM12 / DD12 ignitions.