MVT ignitions are known to be very robust and failures are often linked to errors in assembly and use, or external causes such as the battery or the spark plug.

Here are some indications resulting from a conversation with a technician of the MVT after-sales service, they can make it possible to make a pre-diagnosis and an idea of ​​the cause of the breakdown… This cannot of course replace the true expertise of the company MVT and its technicians …

You can check certain causes of failure yourself with an ohmmeter and simply buy replacement spare parts …

The first cause of failure is the STATOR, often linked to overheating. A visual check of the color (discoloration) or deformation of the stator also makes it possible to see this overheating and naturally excludes any form of warranty for repairs.
The second cause of failure is the Diagram (difficult to control yourself).
The third cause of failure is the ignition coil, but it is rarer and very easy to control.

Checking a PX20 ignition coil with an ohmmeter:
1 / measure between the mass (the coil fixing) and the input (terminal plug) = approximately 1.5 / 1.6 Ohms
2 / measure between the Mass (the coil fixing) and the outlet of the spark plug wire = approximately 6.08 Kilo-Ohms (kOhm)
3 / measure at the input (terminal) and the output (spark plug wire) = approximately 6.08 Kilo-Ohms (kOhm).

Control of a STATOR Premium or DD with internal rotor with an ohmmeter:
Measure between the Red / Black wire and the Yellow / Green wire = 150 Ohms at +/- 10%

Warning: it also happens that the STATOR indicates the correct measurement of 150 Ohms but that there is a phenomenon of internal degradation of the winding following overheating … In this case to complete the check (if there is no ‘other causes of faults identified previously), you must put the Stator in a situation of use and heat it … Then let it cool for 12 hours and retest with an ohmmeter if the value is still good …

Please note that like all failures, there can be several independent causes and you must always proceed in order.

There is also a direct repair procedure for ignitions between the user and the MVT company called “MVT Charter” with a flat rate of around 100/120 € (likely to have increased over time) including the replacement of defective parts, repair and reshipment … For information and details on the procedure contact MVT directly by phone or email.