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Choice of the Diagram for MVT IGNITION

The Diagram RJ051X (without battery supply) and the RJ054X (with battery supply exclusively) are for all the PREMIUM Ignition but it is necessary to have the precise code of the ignition to order this part because the wires and the connectors are different for each vehicle: DAL1 => RJ051X for PREM01, PREM09, PREM11DAL2 => RJ051X for PREM02, PREM03, PREM08DAL3 => RJ051X for PREM06DAL4 => RJ054X for PREM10 with battery supply exclusively on the braun wireDAL5 => RJ054X for PREM19 PREM21…

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MVT: transformation of a PREM21 / DD21 into PREM12 / DD12

It often happens that a user of GearBox Moped 50cc with Minarelli AM6 engine acquires by mistake of understanding an MVT PREM21 / DD21 ignition intended for MBK / YAMAHA vehicles from 2004 with electric start (DT, DTR, XLIMIT … ) instead of the MVT PREM12 / DD12 ignition intended for all AM6 engines with the exception of MBK / YAMAHA from 2004. The buyer then finds himself with the problem of having an assembly diagram incorporating a diagram with…

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MVT ignition: AC or DC current ?

A question that comes up from time to time: an MVT ignition gives Alternating or Continuous current? Answer: An MVT ignition gives AC output current. It is then sent to your vehicle’s original regulator, which then offers 2 choices: an alternating current output and a direct current output. The power is about 50w after the regulator which consumes a little to operate (about 55w before the regulator) and you can connect to the 2 AC and DC outputs at the…

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MVT ignition: Diagnose a hardware failure

MVT ignitions are known to be very robust and failures are often linked to errors in assembly and use, or external causes such as the battery or the spark plug. Here are some indications resulting from a conversation with a technician of the MVT after-sales service, they can make it possible to make a pre-diagnosis and an idea of ​​the cause of the breakdown… This cannot of course replace the true expertise of the company MVT and its technicians ……

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Using of a REV COUNTER with a MVT Ignition

It is possible to connect a rev counter with a MVT ignition but it needs a model 4-stroke at induction. Indeed a MVT DD or PREMIUM ignition has 2 sparks per revolution and a 2-stroke rev counter would double the actual measurement (the 4-stroke model divides the measurement by 2). Then do not directly connect the rev counter to the high-voltage spark plug wire because the ignition generates 42 KiloVolts to the spark plug and there would be too many…

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